17 February 2014

Delivery Date Price Calculation for Virtuemart

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You have a shop to sell your product, and you have a lot of the customers, but most of them want to deliver in the shortest time, or they want deliver on the holidays, weekends or on the day that you can not delivery, so that sometimes you can not handle all the orders, you have delivered later than the date that your customer require, you make them unhappy and sometimes damaged their plans.

So how to minimize this risk, come with “Delivery Date Price Calculation for Virtuemart” of us, a great plugin will bring to you the best solution. You can add the cost for those who like deliver soon, they will must think to make appropriate decisions, thereby reducing pressure for your shop, you will have more time, and more amazing is to increase your revenue. You can also configure the date format, choose blocked the weekdays, holidays or weekend. Customers will have to choose the other days that you can deliver for them. Very easy to install and use

Last modified on Thursday, 03 July 2014 09:19
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