17 February 2014

Flip Book for Virtuemart

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You are the owner shops selling books, newspapers, comic book … on your Virtuemart website. Customers will order your books, but sometimes they are very curious about what the content inside the book, but no way to see, so they decided not to buy it, and you’ve lost a lot of customers.

Come with ‘Flip Book Plugin for Virtuemart’, we will bring to you the best solution, you can be upload some preview for a book, the customers will can view it by flip. Very simple, you just upload the images of magazine, newspaper or book with only a single operation is Drag and Drop them, Ajax upload will upload the images and automatically createing a book, when the customers see your product they will be able to flip each page to read like they are reading a real book. This will bring confidence and interest to your customers. You can drag and drop to upload the images, it will automatically create the thumbnail preview, you can manage them, delete or add new when needed.

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