Which is better wordpress or html5?

When you start building your website, there are few more important choices than how to host your online space. And with almost 75 million websites powered by WordPress, it's easy to overlook many other options without giving them the opportunity they deserve. A legitimate option is an HTML website, using HTML5, which is the latest technology offered.

WordPress vs. HTML: What is the best way to host your website?

In many cases HTML may be the right choice for your business. "Choosing between WordPress or HTML really comes down to ease versus flexibility," said Nachum Sokolic, CEO, Working Title Software.

Which option offers better value for money?

Even the most basic WordPress website will need a MySQL database and PHP support included. While this is included as standard with even the cheapest options on the best hosting websites, you will not have to consider this at all when building an HTML website. Therefore, web hosting costs can be cheaper when you choose HTML.

When it comes to choosing the topic, HTML earns value for money again. A basic HTML theme just like your WordPress option is usually about half the cost, and both include all the support and updates you may need. Both facts contribute to why websites such as wplift.com agree that "the initial and long-term investment in building a business portfolio or a personal website using WordPress is quite high compared to HTML."

Which option is more flexible?

In terms of ease of use, you can not get simpler than WordPress. Even considering the higher initial investment, it is certainly an easier option to manage. Update content as often as you like, make changes, and post new content as you choose. Dynamic information such as a photo gallery or e-commerce functionality will certainly be easier to control, and without learning any of the technical skills that are used to create an HTML website.

However, once you have mastered HTML scripts and some basic CSS, HTML5 is a much more flexible option for what you want your online presence to be. Your website can be more responsive, more mobile, offer simpler options for search engine optimization and beyond. In fact, the latest HTML5 includes interactive options such as document editing and media playback, all of which give you more control over what your website is going to look like and offer to your visitors.

Finally, HTML5 does not use client-to-server communication, which can also increase the latency of your website, providing a higher speed to your visitors, allowing your website to load much faster.

What is the bottom line when choosing between WordPress and HTML hosting?

WordPress or HTML hosting?

When building a static website that does not need to be changed often or requiring dynamic content, HTML5 is a great choice and offers excellent value for money as well as greater flexibility in terms of customization.

Instead, you may be looking for a more interactive website that can be changed often, perhaps with the interaction of the blog with your visitors or simple management of dynamic content, many of which come with one-click installation. If this is the case, you have limited technical skills, and you do not mind a slightly higher price or a loss of specific customization options, WordPress may well be the way to go.